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From the YTKKW "All Geeks Are Trekkies,'' which I launched after about eight thousand years of development.

Google seems to think viewers of this page fit the stereotype, since when I looked at it, it had an ad for a "Star Trek Directors Cut Contest".

Random Person: I have a few problems with this page. First, the structure: For some reason it lumps in the things that geeks are stereotypically geeky about (Star Trek, Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons) with things that show characters with examples of that. I think that should be split up. Secondly, I'm unsure of where The Big Bang Theory should be listed. On one hand, it does do a bit of enforcing of this trope; there's a lot of Star Trek and Star Wars references. At the same time, it does partially avert this trope, by using examples that you usually won't see in the stereotypical nerds; sure, they play video games, but a lot of them are games you won't see normally thrown out with geeks (Wii Sports, Zork, or Sheldon playing Super Mario Sixty Four on an emulator, complete with the accurate pause sound effect). Yeah, they've made references to World of Warcraft but also Age of Conan. Plus, they're usually quite correct with even the normal references, going further in detail, such as them arguing over the worst/best Star Trek movies and actually using ones that usually are considered to be the weaker ones or the best ones. On the comic book front, sure, it's largely limited to things like Batman, but again, it's far more detail, such as a discussion about the Batman R.I.P. story or Sheldon asking if something takes place pre-Crisis or post-Crisis. I guess what I'm saying is that it's only partial example of this trope. Yes, they have a reference pool but it's "deeper" than normal. This puts it in the odd position of not being a true aversion, but not being a straight example. Maybe it should be listed as a semi-aversion?