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01:46:52 PM Jun 19th 2013
I don't watch The Big Bang Theory but I just heard from people I know that it's references aren't correct at all.
03:41:42 AM Jun 5th 2014
Super-reliable source.
07:05:57 AM Dec 15th 2012
edited by MithrandirOlorin
"Wonder Woman is the only female superhero (with the possible exception of Batgirl)." Supergirl is actually more common to be the Exception.

I'm a Nerd and an aspiring writer, but I'm not a standard Nerd. I was interested when I found this page, but it seems this talks only about the Nerdy things Hollywood fails to mention. But what about the things Nerds aren't supposed to like? Like Sports and Sports movies (I'm not into sports, but I do sometimes like Sports movies or TV shows) and Teendramas? I give The Venture Bros. credit for mentioning Degrasi as much as I do for mentioning Fantomas.

I don't consider Pokemon part of the reference pool, back when it was at it's height of popularity it was treated Anti-Nerdy, now it's mostly forgotten. Game of Thrones I think is firmly part of the pool now.
03:52:18 PM Sep 28th 2011
this paragraph doesn't really seem related to this trope, more like a rant on someone's Single-Issue Wonk.

Coincidentally autistic people can tend to interpret nerd-bashing as extremely offensive and inconstructive outright hardcore bigotry, directed towards themselves at an existential level, as some of the associated traits are literally part of what defines the handicap per definition, and not the slightest bit fun to live with.
07:28:29 PM Feb 19th 2011
The intro to this topic is basically an overly emotional rant. And it might be worth noting that the main reason "nerds" like Star Trek in pop culture is that everyone has heard of Star Trek. It isn't much of a joke if most of the audience doesn't get it.

Finally, there's an additional obvious reason why characters in shows and movies made by Warner Bros tend to like DC Comics, or the Matrix. (Disney hasn't owned Marvel for there to be as strong a connection, yet.)
10:35:46 AM Feb 21st 2011
Agreed. This article should be listed as a subtrope of Small Reference Pools which, if I recall correctly, does go into the reasoning you stated as more broadly applied to all the various topics a general audience can only be expected to have limited familiarity with.
04:36:28 PM Sep 13th 2010
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Wait, why the hell is John Rogers linked to Complete Monster? He was excoriating the media's tendency to do this in the original blog post. So, unless someone views The Core as on par with the Rape of Nanking...

Striking the link and replacing it with a link to the actual blog post.
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