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Eriksson: Walked in here to look up a certain ED incident for a forum post, saw a painful amount of Natter. I'll archive it here, and then deploy the Nattersaw.

You ready, kids? Okay, let's start at the top of the page. Nothing too painful here.

  • Fchan, a furry imageboard, is constantly under periodic attacks from 4Chan GPKs, for whatever reasons.
    • For the record, 4channers are perfectly happy to turn their [GPKs] on each other.
  • Overwhelmingly common at imageboards in general, due to the fact that it's hard to browse the board at all without seeing them if they're posted.

These have been lumped together into one bullet point.

Next up, a fairly simple This Troper-ectomy. This is what the example about the Yu-Gi-Oh forum looked like before the operation:

  • This troper remembers this Yu-Gi-Oh forum coming under fire from a GPK who had a mad-on against a moderator since before the mod even was a mod on the forum. His reign of terror lasted a full 24 hours, and after his crap was cleaned up, he retaliated by hacking into the forum and deleting everything.

Yes, I know the next troubled example is a fairly small remark possibly added on for humor, but it's still bad form. Here's what it looked like before I edited it:

  • Four words: king at the sok factoree. The ultimate noob (in a certain forum). He's a legend, so much so as to the point where people who are outstandingly bad will be compared to him and other fora will be considered low-quality simply by letting his posts stand. Yeah. He's that bad.
    • That was five words...please don't hurt me...

I removed the "five words" joke. I hope that I haven't sucked too much fun from the page by doing so.

Now we're getting to the fun stuff. Next up on the repair block, a lengthy Justifying Edit from a goon:

  • For whatever reason, members of the Something Awful Let's Play community will target similar players on YouTube, purposely creating hateful MST3K-like video responses to the 'Tube members' runs.
    • The SA LP forum has had lots of difficulty with people churning out Lets Plays that are terrible and boring. Many put lots of effort and time into trying to keep their Lets Plays entertaining. When they discovered that the Youtube community was essentially just crapping out vid after vid with cheap, blurry cameras and nonsensical commentary in imitation, they felt obligated to act. Plus it was funny.

I zapped the Justifying Edit, but added a NPOV version of his justification to the main example. Actually, that "example" didn't fit. I zapped it.

This next example is a usage of This Troper that is completely anonymous.

I'm zapping this, but if the troper responsible for it wants to put it back up with details about what forums were involved, he's welcome to do so.

Guess what? It's another un-potholed use of This Troper. Rawr. At the very least, the forum is specified, so the example can survive the removal of This Troper. Here's what it looked like before my edit:

  • This troper used to go to a forum for Nintendo Wi Fi gaming, where the admin had severe depression that he had to offset with medication. Twice he deleted the forums and the mods and members had to bring it back. Then one day, a mod and a few other members came up with a plan to destroy the forums and blame it on the admin's depression, then relieve the forum under their control. They failed, and it became the largest internet caper this troper has ever witnessed. The offenders were banned and never heard from again.

That was fairly easy to fix.

Another easy fix here. I'll archive it out of courtesy, even though I don't feel it's necessary because I'm not zapping anything:

  • This Troper used to frequent Armored Core Online, which has suffered several such folk, and had to go offline to effect repairs after banning each. One such individual that immediately comes to mind was a friend(sp?) of an admin at a board where this troper was a mod. Said admin allowed said GPK to post after promising to clean up his act. Guess what happened next (sob).

I like the snarky remark on this next one, so I fit it into the example proper:

  • Following the change to 4E, the official Dungeons & Dragons boards became the target of several of these. Most notably, one degraded from making homophobic slurs to posting pictures of aborted fetuses as part of his vendetta against Wizards of the Coast.
    • Huh. When you've degraded from homophobic slurs, you've pretty much reached rock bottom.

Alright, next up, a really awful example of natter, including the voice of the Internet Hate Machine itself. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you:

  • This troper became the unfortunate target of a rather immature one from Encyclopedia Dramatica whilst a member of deviantART. He even managed to get half his dumb little troll friends on my ass and make a really degrading page on me on ED. It eventually got so bad that I had to leave, change my email address, and delete my homepage. Still think Trolling is cool? The sad thing is that dA has never been good at handling trolls and there's a whole group of trolls on ED dedicated to seeing dA shut down.
    • If this is you, well, the way you acted didn't really help things.
    • It's just a wiki. You should just relax.
    • ED, just a wiki? She used to think so, but after reading that link this troper has changed her mind about them. Before, she thought they were just immature people who weren't really important enough to waste time trying to deal with, but after reading that... well, if they're picking on individuals and trying to make their lives a misery, then that's technically cyberbullying- a pretty nasty type as well- and it's not on. Moral Event Horizon, well and truly crossed.
    • ED's just like that generally, though. This isn't the first case I've heard of of ED people deciding to bully some random person on the internet. It's sad, but you just have to shrug your shoulders and say "It's ED; they don't matter."
    • If you have an ED article, you deserved it. Yiff in hell, furfag.
    • Ha ha! Pointless arguing! Move it to the flame pit.

I've cut that down to one line and a pothole to Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement.

I'm putting this article on my Watchlist, just in case something gets reverted. Eriksson out.