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Benjilicious: Added:
  • In the Doctor Who episode "Army of Ghosts," the Cybermen have made the dimensional cross from a parallel world, infiltrating five million advanced cybernetic soldiers in every city on Earth. It is, as the Doctor noted, not a invasion, but a victory, so complete and sudden is the conquest. But then, in the bowels of the Torchwood institude, the Void Sphere opens, and four Dalek emerge.

Robert Bingham: Took out:
  • Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The characters have gone down a dead end into a garbage compactor:
    Leia: "It could be worse!"
    [An unearthly growl comes from somewhere in the water.]
    Han: "It's worse."
because it's more an example of Tempting Fate than this trope, which is more about everything going straight to hell in a series.

Specialist290: Taking out:

Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.
—Imperial Maxim, Warhammer 40,000

Since the quote's already used on Hope Spot and generally fits better there.

Removed :** Well, most of Earth survived. It was only, like, half a continent that died in fire. And there is a working shelter. With people in it, even.

Earth's population was reduced to two hundred million by Covenant bombardment between 2 and 3, which would have taken every significant urban centre on the planet out, and which doesn't include any of the losses from the obliteration of Africa. As for the shelter, that's hardly a safeguard for humanity's future, given it contains a few people, all but one of which are probably incapable of reproduction, and even if they were who lack the genetic diversity to rebuild a species. Humanity will be rendered extinct by the Flood or by the Halos, all this means is that it'll take longer to happen. The Ark had enough room to maintain a sustainable human population.

  • The galactic extinctions won't be perpetual. eventually a race will figure out that blowing the places with a dormant superplauge the hell up is a good idea. Seriously, you'd think the forrunners would have thought to have the superplauge samples exterminated in the event that they were forced to fire the superweapons.

The Forerunner had no such option, given that it is well established that the Halos can't exterminate the Flood for some reason. Given that this means that every new group of galactic species must eventually fight the Flood, it makes sense to leave research materials in place just in case another species turns out to be smarter than them. As for blowing the places up, that doesn't kill the Flood, as the ruins of 04 demonstrated. You can't kill the Flood that easily, and even if you could you are proposing that a species investigate each and every single planet, planetoid, moon, moonlet, sattelite and artificial structure in an entire galaxy, which is impossible.

Austin: These examples were removed under the grounds of being irrelevant. I could see why, but I think they need to be discussed, not just outright deleted.

  • This Troper feels that Wikipedia has just gotten worse progressively. First it deletes images that do not have correct copyright reasoning attached. And now it's compressing beautifully written summaries that made the site so fun in the first place.
  • Arguably subverted to an extent for human beings - after centuries of conflict, low lifespans, monarchy, rigid social classes, and struggling against each other to survive, the 21st century has democracies, equal laws, human rights, a 70+ average life expectancy, and people who can actually trying live as comfortable as they can and not expect to ever fight for their lives. It's not perfect, but it's a start.
    • So now instead of having enough food producing land for everybody, and being able to defend yourself against attack (or atleast Run Away!), we suffer from overpopulation, limited land, falling food supplies, extended suffering in old age, and the constant threat of not being able to guard against biological or nuclear weaponry, which one person unleashing can affect millions at a time. Oh, and powerful governments you can't hide from, who ignore the will of the people, and have more technology available to them then the average citizen can ever hope to use. Regular people are to government agents what a pond of fish are to grenades.
      • The past contained (with the exception of nuclear weapons) all of those things, only worse (even bioweapons, the Mongols used the Black Death as a weapon). If you think today's government agents are bad, you should have been around for the Inquisition or Ming China. If you think suffering from aging in your 80s is bad try suffering from it in your 50s. And our agrotech is so good that overpopulation and starvation are at least solvable, if not solved.
    • If Troper ever mets you (the optimistic troper) in real life, I will honestly hug you.
      • Going by overall happiness, humanity isn't really going to change ever, because no matter how good or bad our lot is, we tend to view it as "neutral", unless we are truly screwed, and the percent of screwed people has probably remained below 10-20% throughout history. On the other hand, the ability to cause an apocalypse and/or achieve instrumentality is closer than ever before...

Prfnoff: This looks like nothing more than a Take That!:
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is a prime example of an Adaptation Decay problem for a series going from bad to worse with two letters: PG. Two digits (13) plus a hyphen wouldn't have hurt the film's chances of making more than Terminator Salvation (though only Terminator Salvation has been released so far), and things would've gotten better if the screenwriter didn't even try to avoid the so-called "dreaded" R rating.
    • Except the film isn't even out yet, so no one knows what the content of the film is like, and the producer, when asked about the MPAA giving it a PG rating, replied he and everyone else who worked on the movie were shocked when they heard, having expected a solid PG-13. This troper thinks people might be getting a bit premature with the backlash.
      • If the film's content earns a PG rating, the MPAA may as well re-rate all the Terminator and The Matrix films PG.
  • Ryanasaurus0077: If you think so, then why don't you put it in the proper section?

Man Without A Body: Can we get rid of the picture that's up now? It's extremely confusing and means nothing to someone unfamiliar with the source material.
  • TsundeRay Same with the quote that people keep reverting the laconic version to. What's wrong with something along the lines of "just when you thought it was as bad as it got"?

Bleusman: About half of these aren't about bad situations getting worse; they're about bad situations that correct themselves, then get worse than ever before, or they're about bad things happening when things were fine before.