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Adam850: I know in Total Annihilation (I need to make that page) that if one of your units walks in front of another, firing, unit, it will be damaged. Nukes can wipe out your invading force if you time both poorly. Long range plasma cannons may track an enemy aircraft as it raids your base and then shoot at it while it is over your base, potentially shooting yourself in the foot.

In StarCraft, on the other hand, is friendly fire possible?

Eric DVH: Yup, just fire a tactical nuke or seige tank round onto your units and they'll be reduced to a fine coat of red paint.
Fire Walk: Cutting conversation in the main page:
  • The all-time king of the ridiculous, from the same game, is Savior Sephiroth's Super Nova attack, which destroys three planets just getting to Earth, then blows up the sun, taking out Mercury and Venus in the process. It doesn't even hit the 9999-point damage cap.
    • In fact, if this editor remembers correctly, this attack was designed specifically not to kill the party, but rather bring everyone down to 1 HP.
    • It does 15/16 HP damage to the whole party
    • It doesn't, that's his 'Fallen Angel' attack. Supernova in this troper's game did considerably less damage than Sephiroth bopping you over the head with his wing.