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Mark Lungo: As founder of this entry (which I'd like to think gives me a little clout), I think the new page pic should be changed back. Yes, the Creature from the Black Lagoon is more famous than the Star Wars character. In fact, the Creature is so famous that he already has his own page that has a pic of him, so he doesn't need a second pic on this wiki. Ideally, the current pic would be transferred to the CFTBL page (because it's superior to the murky pic there) and on this page, either the Star Wars pic would be restored or a new one with a different character would be posted. (My personal choice would be Gill Girl from the Teen Titans Go! comic.)

Mr Death: It doesn't really matter how many pictures a character has on the wiki. All that really matters is if the picture fits the trope and is clear, and as you noted, the Creature from the Black Lagoon is more famous than what appears to be an Expanded Universe only character that one fandom will recognize, and is actually a better pic than is on the movie's actual page.
Mark Lungo: I'd still like to replace the Creature from the Black Lagoon pic. The pic I wanted to use from when I fist created this page was the accompanying illustration of Gill Girl from Teen Titans Go! However, I don't want to start an Edit War, so would anyone mind if I changed the pic?

Mark Lungo: Hmmm, no response. If I don't hear cries of outrage in the next few days, I'll make the switch.

Majin Gojira: In that case, let me be the first to cry out. I do so for two reasons: 1) Obscurity of the character you wish to use. 2) The current pic is the Trope Codifier.

Though we could start a separate pictures page for this trope that included your image in it.

Mark Lungo: Oh yeah, I forgot about the images pages. Thanks for the reminder!