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Working Title: Two Fingers Of Doom: From YKTTW

HeartBurn Kid: Moved the Trope Namer above the fold, since it's not really an example of the trope.

Fire Walk: Cleared up some of the Thread Mode (I presume that these were just stuck in from YKTTW) and discussion-y tone. Moved some of the articles into sections, but stopped some way through (just laziness).

Bobfrank: Not sure the The Sword of Truth example belongs on this page. That would go better under a "intimidating staredown of doom" trope. Do We Have This? Heaven knows it's been used enough times in enough different works...

Known Unknown: Um... what's the page image a picture of? Is it really an example of this?

Night: Nanoha, from the show of the same name. Yes and no. Finger Poke of Doom doesn't usually involve generating magical Beam Spam, but on the other hand, the image is extremely evocative of the title, so it works.

Pastafarian: The description of the Trope Namer seems excessively long and involved for something in the middle of a description referring to a single in-universe incident. Cutting it down to something along the lines of "Hogan is challenged and then wins fight with single finger poke" would distract less from the main description.

Troika: I removed all the "This troper" garbage from the page, because 1) nobody who will visit this page cares about your lame lives and 2) the Troper Tales page exists for this reason. Use that.