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Duckay: Cutting:

  • ...What? That exchange has nothing to do with their dancing. Violet said that after getting a good bartending tip from Cammi.

And editing the actual example to make it more clear. The 'I think I just fell in love with you' part has nothing to do with dancing, but the Faux Yay dancing does influence the responding line "I played in the Minors, but never went Pro."


Aliaras: Cutting:

  • And Jill Sobule's earlier I Kissed A Girl.

as that song is not about Faux Yay, unlike Katy Perry's.


Duckay: It's been a long time since I've seen American Pie 2, so I'm not actually cutting this, just looking for confirmation.

"They're (apparently) bisexual instead." <— I thought the idea was that they weren't actually interested in each other, as confirmed by their words, "Wanna have some fun with them?" and at the end, when they respond to the lesbian allegation with, "Oh, we never said that."

I could be wrong, though, so I'm looking for confirmation on that point.