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False Prophet: This is basically Beatlemania (or largescale female fan obsession with any male pop star, from David Cassidy to New Kids on the Block to the Backstreet Boys to the Jonas Brothers), but applied to genre fandom, right? Is there a separate trope for music fangirls?

Citizen would have liked to have launched the YKTTW himself, but whatever... >_>

Etrangere: why does Fan Boy redirects to here? It's a different stereotype (see Nerd and Geek), and when Fan Boy's used it usually means the unwashed, antisocial kind too...).// Actually, since this is Anime Characters, Fan Boy should redirect to Otaku.

Seth: Being glomped by a fan of the series you are cosplaying destroys your costume. Be aware and be on guard from fangirls at all time.

Adam850: No, no. You can't use *text text* here! Italics, bold, or both, please.

Cassius335: @Citizen: Sorry. I did leave a warning. @Etrangere Hey, if you think you can make a page, go for it.

Etrangere: I've linked it to Otaku.

Anthiens: Oh, I am such a fangirl of Eric Roberts... the voice is just hypnotic... SQUEE.

Pk Mario: Permission to use the "Fangirls ruin everything" quote from Ygo: Abridged series here? >_>

Cassius335: What quote is that?

Pk Mario:

'' DUKE DEVLIN: Welcome to the Duke Devlin love-nasium! I hope you don't mind but I took the liberty of inviting my fangirls to watch our duel.

FANGIRLS: Oh Dukey you're so fine, You're so fine you blow my mind, Hey Dukey! (clap clap) Hey Dukey! (continues in background)

TÉA: It's true what they say: Fangirls ruin everything. ''

Ununnilium: "Boyzone's entire reason for existence" What?

Elincia: Awww, isn't this whole entire page just charmingly sexist and condescending? I cannot believe that anyone over the age of twelve still thinks "GIRLS HAVE COOTIES AND RUIN EVERYTHING".

Meems: Ugh. Agreed.