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Whogus The Whatsler: Removed this addendum to the Dead Rising example:

  • Although the game gives you no clues as to where you should be at the end of the game, all the crucial points prior to that are clearly indicated. And for the player that's been paying attention, knowing where to be at the end of the game (prior to Overtime Mode) is stupidly simple. It's where you started the game: the helipad where your escape helicopter initially dropped you off. Since you told him at the beginning to pick you up there in three days, it's pretty much a no-brainer.

Being at the helipad is not the secret part. In fact, being at the helipad on time is how you get three or four of the dead-end endings. The tricky part is meeting Isabella at 10:00am. There is no actual story need to go back to meet her, the arrow pointing your way doesn't point to her, and the kicker is, if you do think to go back to her just for lack of a better idea (which this troper did), and it's before ten o'clock when you get there, nothing happens. Show up at ten o'clock and you get a cutscene, then go back to the helipad and you get overtime mode. No clues whatever about the ten o'clock thing - you're just meant to guess.