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Ninja Butterfly: Due for a rename? launched as Exposition Fairy: From YKTTW

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Steel Beast 6 Beets:

- But then, Okami was practically a Zelda clone in a lot of other ways too.

Ha, and thought I was bad at making petty remarks.
Looney Toons: "wiki"/Seth — "Spryo" is from where?

Seth: Spyro is the dragon main character the PS 1/Ps2 series Spyro the dragon. I'm surprised you haven't heard of it but then not every one was as obsessive about the PS 1 as i was. Linkey

Looney Toons: My life is too busy for console games. And my budget too small. Seriously, if I added console games to my existing sheaf of hobbies, I'd have to decide whether to give up eating or sleeping.

Seth: I just chipped my Ps1 and copied rental games, much cheaper.

Randallw: What about the paperclip thing from windows? I never had much experience/hatred for it but it sounds like this trope. I did just notice it was in Stop Helping Me!.