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Adam850: I disagree. I've seen many front wheel drive burnouts in fiction. I think YKTTW would have disagreed also. Anyone else want to refine this page or cut it?

-Yeah seems a bit specific. How about a broader 'Every Car is the Same'? as a part of Did Not Do The Research. There are definitely movies where car chases are completely mis-matched (like the Hummer vs. Ferrari in The Rock) because there's a generic 'fast car' performance level. And videogames where all the cars are given similar stats that are nothing like real life.

It may be possible to merge with Every Car Is A Pinto and with V8 Engine Noises, and call it "Every Car Is A V8 Pinto". While there are lots of movies that do it right, there are examples of these tropes in movies. It requires a keen observer to notice when the other two happen.