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Lale: What is with the entry text?

Solandra: I think it's an explanation on how to write the actual entry because the editor who put it there was too lazy or writer's block-affected to write up the entry, and assumed that someone else would do the job. I'll write something actually resembling an entry to replace it.

Morgan Wick: The editor looked at the Page Templates and thought he/she had to copy it word for word.

Aya: Actually,he/she was using the format. He/She thought that no one would be looking at it while it was unlisted and that it would give them plenty of time to finish writing it since he/she had a family emergency. He/She was actually quite surprised when he/she got on today and was ready to finish writing it and saw that some else had but... ~_' Thanks anyway,that was just he/she was going for.

Shire Nomad: Well, he/she has since learned about the "latest edits" page. ;)
Aya: Had to a serious edit- this character was not meant to be gay. Unless someone enlightens me, I have not found any examples of this character that are gay.
Medinoc: When I saw the title, I thought of Tedd from El Goonish Shive (without his glasses). When I read the article, I was "disappointed".
Listen2Reason: Wait, isn't this supposed to be a male-only thing? So why is there a "Female example" under Anime?

Alan: Doesn't Sasuke fit into this, since not only do eve enemy girls fall for him but Orochimaru would kill off an entire to try and get his body?
Ecliptor Calrissian: Are we sure that all of the Real Life examples belong under Troper Tales? If an actor, character, or other person in media has this effect on numerous fans, then it's not a case of one troper using the wiki for his blog.

Wascally Wabbit: You are correct. Incidently, am I misunderstanding the picture, it seems to be very poorly chosen with the subject character in the back, is there some significance to it that i'm missing?

Fly: Replacing Archer with Big Boss, for the sole reason that a picture with a female character's breasts as the focus and with Archer somewhere in the background isn't half so effective as, well, Big Boss. For reference, Archer:

Everyone is GAY for Archer! And you should be, too!

Ramidel: Removed the following:
  • The second edition of White Wolf's anime-inspired, high fantasy roleplaying game Exalted allows characters to learn the "Husband-Seducing Demon Dance," an excellently named power that compels everyone who can see the user to fall madly in love with them, regardless of the victim's gender or sexual orientation. Considering that the kind of beings who wield this power can overwhelm the willpower of a normal mortal with ease, the number of people in the setting that such a character could not theoretically seduce probably doesn't exceed the hundreds.

Exalted has effects that ignore sexual orientation (and in Exalted, more or less Everyone Is Bi with a very few exceptions), but HSDD doesn't; it instills other emotions in incompatible sexual orientations.

Squall: I'm not pretending that I wouldn't, in a million years. That's like having a hard-on for God.

Unregistered-Editor: The article picture is no good. Big Boss is hairy and gross. It should be someone pretty.

Sparkysharps: Can we switch the picture back, or crop the new one? The new one is way too big.

Fly: So basically you replace Big Boss, with someone who looks exactly like Big Boss but in gigantic format, because you don't like Big Boss. What. Reverting image.

Fly again, later: Okay, I couldn't find the image to revert it, so I made a new one. And just for you, Mr. Unregistered, I picked an angle where you can't see much of his facial hair.

Dark Sasami: Holy crap, does the Fan Wank ever need to be pruned out of this mess. Also, the enough-saids and no-explanation-neededs. They're actually preventing me from doing the pruning myself, because I don't know if it's actually in the plot.

Seikai: Umm... am I the only one that thinks that this new picture doesn't make as much sense as the old one? I don't think this guy from... what is it, Legend of Galactic Heroes? Is as iconic as Big Boss when it comes to this trope.

Sparkysharps: LoGH is really too obscure of an example to count as the poster child. Still, some people are opposed to the Big Boss example for whatever reason, so I figured compromising with the ever-so-legendary GARcher would help things. He's even draped across a couch for added imagery

LucyZephyrus: Big Boss made 4chan gay. In MGS 4, the plot reveals half the story occurs because the in-game cast is obsessed/gay with him. His manliness is a major memetic mutation. :cheers on BB?:

ArsenalTengu: Considering that the trope really could be called Everyone Is Gay For Big Boss, he's got to be the poster guy.

{{Lucy Z:}} Thanks for the reversion.

AzureLunatic: In Real Life, the two examples my cluster of friends uses are David Bowie (already here) and Gackt (not already here). Y'all heard that said of Gackt enough to justify adding him there?

Random Chaos Can we get a none smoker for the image?