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//That's how I remember it... anyone else here a Supremo watcher? — Ungvichian

Gus: Pulled ...
Luckily he is recorded on Bender's head, though still manages to win the election thanks to the robot vote.
... off the end of the Futurama example. Maybe it could stated more clearly, by someone who has seen the episode.

Ununnilium: Done and done.

Paranoid Android: transferred the examples from The Cavalry, as part of that trope's retooling.

Mathew5000: Is there a separate trope for “Accidental public confession”? That probably predates the engineered public confession. For example, in the climax of the 1955 film Mister Roberts, the ship’s villainous captain (played by James Cagney) discusses his wrongdoing in his office unaware that he had accidentally left the public-address system turned on.

Caswin: Not to my knowledge, but a similar event happened in Wayside School. If you feel up to making a ykttw...

Haven: I think that's probably close enough to be lumped. Also, I excised this from the Code Geass example because the second person is correct: Lelouch didn't plan on it, but he did take the depiction of himself as a Complete Monster and run with it.

  • And Lelouch himself allowed the Confession to happen as part of his Xanatos Roulette.
  • Absolutely not. There was nothing planned about the confession, which was fake in order to make himself look like he had no excuses in front of Suzaku. And again, Schneizel only played the part he needed to incriminate Lelouch of geassing Euphie.