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  • Arya Stark is a rare protagonist example from A Song of Ice and Fire, albeit in an ensemble cast. Originally she is only a tomboy, but the harsh reality of a civil war and fugitive life corrode her inhibitions and lead her to first kill in self-defense and then commit cold-blooded murder, ultimately joining a priesthood devoted to death and assassination. Who are actually quite nice, by the way.

Arya does not fit the description as given. Although she is growing into prettiness, she is never described as cute and she does not use cuteness as a deception or weapon. The only thing she has in common with this trope is growing sociopathic tendencies, which is not enough to fit with the way the trope is currently written.


Ianator: Is Overman King Gainer's Cynthia really an Enfant Terrible? I don't remember her using her cuteness as a weapon, nor enjoying the actual killing (I think she freaked out upon seeing how badly she thrashed Gainer).

Broken Chaos: Not sure where to put this, or if it belongs anywhere on the page...
  • This article explaining and giving examples as to why children are the Scariest Hollywood Monsters sums up this trope pretty nicely.