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01:01:15 AM Jul 7th 2017
Is this supposed to be a Metal Gear Solid joke or was enfant terrible already a term?
04:43:01 PM Apr 3rd 2010
The usage of the term enfant terrible seems to mean something different in English than what I am used to. On the tropes page it referred to a psychotic evil child. Is that what it normally refers to in English speaking countries? Or is just used like that as trope? I don't know how the term is used in the original French, in German it is used as to describe someone who does extraordinary things in his field of activity but is shocking and provoking the guys who go about things in a kind of old-established fashion. He or She may revolutionize the whole thing. For example Mozart is called the enfant terrible of music of his time.
07:41:32 PM Oct 19th 2010
It's not in German.
07:51:50 PM Oct 19th 2010
An enfant terrible is a narcissistic younger person that knowingly dabbles in the taboo. He/she is not malicious- just egocentric.
11:45:00 AM Oct 22nd 2012
Then why are using this preexisting term to describe something very different?
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