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Freezair For A Limited Time: I clicked on the "Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot" link, because I just had to know. I don't know if the inside of my brain will ever be clean now. Brain Bleach isn't just useful for Squick! I'll be singing that song in my sleep...

Radioactive Zombie - Is there a goddamn revert link? Some idiot removed a lot of examples from the page.

Freezair For A Limited Time: From the looks of it, I see they sorted a whole bunch into a section for Western animation, but I didn't see any mass deletes in the complete edit history...
Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Cut this and put it here, for now. What "The Star-Spangled Banner" means isn't relevant to how catchy it is. The basic interpretation of the first verse is basically correct. All four original verses together make a story-song (and so it is concluded that the star-spangled banner yet waves o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave). But when America became active allies with the UK, and it became democratic, we didn't feel comfortable singing the middle verses anymore because of the lashing out at tyrannical Brits. (The War of 1812 was a tie. America didn't take Canada, Britain didn't hold the USA.)

  • It's neither. At least, the first verse isn't; i don't know the rest. The lyrics are referencing a battle in the War of 1812, when the writer was captured by the British. He saw the American flag waving over the fort the night before (at the twilight's last gleaming), and lit up by artillery flashes during the night (by the rockets' red glare). Now it's morning (the dawn's early light), and he's asking someone, maybe another prisoner, if they can still see it. It might help to know that if the British captured the fort, they'd take down the American flag and put up their own, so the flag still being there means the fort hasn't been taken. As for impossible to sing—it's hard, but not impossible. I can sing it.

Whatever: Hey, anybody got a good cure? I find singing the Postman Pat theme song or Memetic Mutations of it usually work.
  • Ace Of Scarabs: I have not cure but MORE Earworms. The white noise generated by over 50 simultaenous earworms cancels out the stuck-in-the-brain effect for me. Then again, I welcome the effect..

Googleshng: This is Halloween has a special bonus for me. Back in the day I spent entirely too much time playing LAN WarCraft 2 at a friends house. Traditionally, I was stuck on his little sister's computer, which for some reason always had the soundtrack to Nightmare Before Christmas in the CD-tray. So not only is every song permanently stuck in my head, but so is the subliminal impulse to start particular build orders at particular verses.
reason: We don't need your piece of shit AMV advertised here, thank you.
  • I wasn't advertising on purpose, God dammit. It's not even mine; I figured that the original video would be a little NSFW and changed it to something else. I'm fine with you reverting my edits, but did you have to fucking wail on me like that?

Someguy: Look at his talk. This apparently isn't the first time that guy insults other tropers for little reasons.
  • Bawwwww?

Maniakkid25: I curse this trope. Thanks to it, my head is a radio. So much so, I can actually hit myself, and change the song!

Ronfar: This must be one of the longest pages in the Wiki by now. Should we do something about that?

Radioactive Zombie - Unless someone goes full-stop and decides to trim down on everything (I seriously doubt it, considering our notability policy), I wouldn't worry about it.

Ronfar: Well, we did split other pages that got very long into categories, but... eh, we can live with the page being huge.
Kagato3: I'm shocked no one has put up "Henry the eighth"

Ronfar: I'm not. The song is repetitive but really isn't that big of an earworm.
Kd7sov: Dangit. I want to put down my Piano Man experience, but it's not exactly the same thing. (specifically: I heard it once. Over two years later I remembered enough of the lyrics to do a successful Google search.)

JK Roo: Anyone know why "I Can't Decide" was cut? I checked with a friend, and he definitely agrees it counts...

Eddie Van Helsing: There are men underground / who have never seen the sun / but they really know how to party.

St Fan: This page is so big than it is getting unwieldy. Just opening a folder take some time. I doubt it is possible to trim it, so several subpages might be necessary.

Insanity Prelude: Or a Troper Tales page, and limit this one to songs that are really well known for being earworms? (I'd barely even heard of "Killer Queen," let alone able to understand why Two Words: Obvious Trope would be attached to it.)

St Fan: I'd say both would be good. A Troper Tales page for anecdotes about lesser-known songs would trim down the main entry a bit and reduce future growth, but subpages will probably still be necessary.
DoomTay: Added something about instrumentals to on paragraph, since the "find the lyrics" solution obviously won't work there, which makes you screwed if you find yourself in such a situation.

Mariofan1000: Actual quote from La Mulana wiki (Hell temple)

  • Unless you don't mind this song ringing in your ears for all eternity, we recommend turning the music all the way down prior to entry and bringing your own music.

Should we add it to the page?
Kawa: I've been told this page's Video Games section requires the Loco Roco title song and I'm inclined to agree. The higher-pitched version, specifically; best I have on short notice is a Touhou video that uses it though.