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Dr Namgge: Not sure I like the picture here. While Hidden Palace Zone was removed from ''Sonic 2'' To get to it you need to A) hack the game, and B) the graphics are scrambled, and they only exist in a pre release beta, not a final release.

djkates: Putting this here rather than in the main page for purposes of fact-checking. The version of The Oregon Trail for Windows and Macintosh has two versions each of most of its sound files. As far as I know, only one version of each is used in-game, meaning the other versions would count as this trope. Has anyone ever heard of the "alternate" versions actually being heard in-game? For reference, on the CD itself, the ones that I've always heard have "S" as their extension, the others have "M". They're all actually WAV files, incidentally.

Sand Josieph: What with the coloring of the text?

Andyzero: Check the page under the Edit mode and find out. Or I could spoil the fun. "The colouring and /**/ is a C programming joke, in case you were wondering. And yes, we appreciate the (lack of) irony in putting dummied-out text on the Dummied Out page."

Revived Kusabi: Hey I'm kinda new to editing and commenting on this site but the name of this article is a bit vague. Couldn't this article be renamed something easier to find (and tell what the article is) like "Edited Out" or "Cut Content". Just merely a suggestion lol

Majutsukai: It's a pre-existing term that predates this wiki, which automatically gives it precedence.

And not only that, but Dummied Out doesn't refer to content that was entirely removed, which Edited Out and Cut Content would imply; it refers to things that were left in but made inaccessible.

Ager: About the Metal Gear Solid 2 dummy-out: I believe the hidden "La-li-lu-le-lo" line was lampshaded in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. If Snake uses his Codec taunt when fighting against Luigi, he'll have a strange dialog with the Colonel (presumably the AI Colonel). Should this be added to the page?