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Uh, wait, Doomed Moral Victor? Then what the fuck is Marv from SIN FRAKIN' CITY doing here?! I'm cutting that out until somebody can give me a good reason why Marv's brutal rampage of torture and murder counts as a "moral" victory, or how Marv- who by all indications was always a murderous thug- is a "moral" hero. The whole point of the Sin City series is that everybody's a bad guy, it's just that some are slightly less repugnant than others. See Anti-Hero.

:I think this also applies for Che Guevara.

Cassy: Uh, I'm not sure it's the most tasteful and tactful thing ever to put Jesus on the list. We might want to avoid offending people -plus, many could argue that viewing Jesus as a doomed moral victor is missing the point. What about moving it to the discussion page?

:Shouldn't Jesus be in the mythology section?

Gemmifer: I didn't put it to the exampels, but alright. I remove it. //

Gemmifer:And I removed a few Real Life exampels because even though I put one in, I realize that they're just begging to gather Natter.