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Working Title: Damsel Ball: From YKTTW

Nerem: Took out the SRW reference because the only way this would be a Distress Ball is if they were clairvoyant and knew an otherwise perfectly normal mecha exhibit was secretly dangerous.


Chris X: Ya know, based on Nerem's statements, this trope can be divided into two things:
  • Someone NOT The Kimberly acts like one, for no apparent reason than the plot forcing them to, even though they know danger lurks ahead.
  • A term used to emphasize that our resident Badass or Action Girl is Not So Invincible After All. So, yeah, it can be like that SRW example, they're not clairvoyant, they don't know the danger that lies ahead, but once completely rescued, they resume their routine of ass-kicking when prompted. Call it 'A day in limelight' for the Badass or Action Girl, whereas instead of they deliver the good dose of actions, their role is reversed and they're suddenly distressed JUST THIS ONE OCCASION, to balance out their badasstitude and prevent them to be a God-Mode Sue.

I notice that I suggested some examples, and it is counted to be the second part. I tried putting the second part in YKTTW, and then they suggested to merge it with Distress Ball. So yeah, do we separate this, or we expand the definition of Distress Ball?


Ry Senkari: Request to rename this trope Dumbass In Distress Disorder. Idea inspired by the latest Nostalgia Critic installment.