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Fire Walk: How do I get this: [1] hosted as page image? It's a bit big, but it's damn near perfect for this

Tangent 128: Get an uploader account. (Request through the uploader form.) I can't see the image for some reason...
//Oh, there we go. I'll upload this one for you.

Grimace: Removed the below because, quite frankly, it reads as tropers asserting how awesome they are compared to everyone else. Now, we tropers are awesome, naturally, but this would be better suited to that new Troper Tales that's cropped up etc.

  • This troper has actually allowed this idea to overtake her life, to the point where it is nearly impossible for her to get along with anyone other than herself. Not only do I hate the people who think they're clever by rebelling, I hate the kind of people who think they're clever for hating people who think they're clever by rebelling. I've pretty much become The Pesci over the past few years.
    • Wow, and I thought I was the only one who had that problem! That paradox pretty much drove me crazy until I realized that I was falling into hypocrisy by caring what others said/did/believed in the first place. My solution: I'll like what I like and do what I want, thank you very much, and if others like/do/think the same thing, or like/do/think another thing, then good for them—that's their decision to make and I won't let it affect mine.
      • That makes two of us. :)

Ununnilium: Copying it to Disobey This Message, and moving over another example.