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Tenko: Would Princess Tutu's be justified? She is a ballerina.

fhqwhgads: Do you have a picture of her? Being a ballerina doesn't say much.


Those are armored gauntlets and thus fall under the Power Fist Weapon of Choice. They're not detached sleaves unless your "top" is a breast-plate. And not even then.

fhqwhgads: agreed. Those are just gloves.

Servbot: Err.. actually, I was referring to this outfit, which on further inspection, was an outfit she was wearing since Season 1. Whoops.

fhqwhgads: even if you were to call those armbands sleeves, they'd still be attached to her top wouldn't they?

Servbot: Ah, so completely detached and not just with the shoulders exposed. Righty-o. Sorry about that.