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Robin Zimm: Removed this because L 4 D has fast zombies:

  • In the game Left 4 Dead, the Infected class known as the Hunter supposedly has the ability to both lunge at humans to knock them down, and they can also make ridiculously far jumps.
    • This troper can confirm Hunters are indeed terrifying due to this. An odd inverse of the trope occurs with the 'Smoker' zombie, however; rather than lunging at you they can yank players to themselves from a considerable distance. Due to their tongues. Squick.
      • Also note that the Mook infected shable around aimlessly, until they notice you. At that point, they sprint toward you at top speed. Zoey comments:
    Zoey: I can't get over how fast they all are, it's not even fair, I'm calling zombie... bullshit on that, y'know? They're not... allowed to be so fast.
    • Yeah, go on. Shoot the Witch. Stare at her a bit too long. She's just sitting there, minding her own busine- OH GOD OH GOD RUN.