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Kizor: Whoever came up with the name is a sexy pleasant-smelling genius.

Gus: That would be RS Paulette of Ten Ton Studios. Your olfactory fetishes are wholly your own. ;-)

Ununnilium: The "Playing Baseball" variant might be a trope of its own. `.` An opening where the characters are just hanging out and having fun. I remember an episode of Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad where they were using their powers to play "international telecommunications network hide-and-seek".

Citizen: This page seems extraneous to me. The Kobayashi Maru says "Comic book equivalent is Professor X Likes Watching Teenagers Sweat" but then goes on to list examples in a variety of genres, including comics. What about just linking that page two both indexes if you really care?

Paul A: Whoever said that was oversimplifying wrong. Professor X Likes Watching Teenagers Sweat may involve an instance of The Kobayashi Maru, but it may not; the important part is the bit about seeing the team in action.

Dangermike: Kobyashi Maru is when it's not immediately obvious that the battle isn't real. So it's a subset of this trope. ...On an unrelated note, can we please get the dictionary definition of "subverted" posted on every page? It's starting to get irritating how often it's misused.

Some Sort Of Troper: Trope renamed from Professor X Likes To Watch Teenagers Sweat to Danger Room Cold Open. Discussion here.