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Grev: In animated/puppet shows, there is a tendency for voices to "cross-dress"; IOW women doing male characters' voices (Nancy Cartwright doing Bart Simpson) and sometimes men doing female characters' voices (usually if the female's voice is exceptionally husky, but a more famous example is Frank Oz doing Miss Piggy). That seems like a trope to me, maybe Cross-Dressing Voices or something like that...

Morgan Wick: Women tend to do little boys' voices. Actual boys have an annoying habit of having their voice get deeper as they get older.

Harpie Siren: Would we put that in Characters and Casting? There are a few examples of adult men voicing little boys, little boys voicing little boys are rare, but it happens. Zachery Tyler Eisen who plays Aang on Avatar is 12/13.

Harpie Siren: Not one to nitpick or anything, but this artical is about people voicing characters of the opposite sex. Removing the info about Yeardly Smith and Jessie Flowers.

Ununnilium: Putting the Jessie Flowers info back in, since it's also about adults voicing children, and it's an exception. (Perhaps that aspect should be split off into a separate entry?)

Harpie Siren: Adults voicing children is a given in animation... This is specifically about people voicing people of the opposite sex and how common it is for women to voice little boys, Zachery is an exception cause he's the same age as his character, the boys of KND are an exception cause they're voiced by adult men... Yeardly and Jessie are female, so their voices arn't "cross dressing"

Yoshi348: Wait, is that really true about Lloyd in Tales of Symphonia? Because if so, that would make Teen Titans something to list too, given that Lloyd and Robin's voices are exactly the same, so I can't see how they'd be different voice actors.

YYZ: That depends. Who played Robin?

Zeta: I deleted it, because Scott Menville, the voice of Robin and Lloyd, is in his 30s.
Triterope: I removed from Exceptions the entry "All the Peanuts kids were voiced by real kids, meaning every few years they had to hire a totally different cast, except for one performer: animator Bill Melendez as Snoopy and Woodstock's animal vocal effects." This is true, but girls often played boy characters, and vice versa. Check IMDB. This was removed, re-written, and added to the Western Animation section.
Daibhid C: I recall when I was a kid, every "young boy" voiceover in British adverts seemed to be done by the same woman, who sounded absolutely nothing like a pre-pubescent boy. Anyone know her name?

JP 4490: Can you give some examples of these adverts (if any of them are on Youtube or somewhere)?