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Scrounge: Is Chiyo being an exception really worth mentioning here? There's lots of characters that aren't a Covert Pervert, and I'd think the'd only be notable if they acted like they were sexually knowledgable when. in fact, they thought an aureole was a type of cookie. Chiyo-Chan is the standard naive little girl, hence, as far asI can tell, not related to this trope at all. I don't wanna kill the entry without asking first, but seriously, people, somebody either back me up or tell me why I'm wrong, will ya? Sir Gimp: I agree with Scrounge here. Chiyo's not really related to this trope.

It doesn't quite fit the trope, but this quote reminded me of the description of Kaylee here. Also, this one may or may not fit; I'm not sure. —Document N
"Romana from Doctor Who, arguably." — Wait, what? Did I miss something?
Johnny E: We seem to have several (generally anime-related, not that I'm saying anything...) tropes about perverts who are all lovable and cuddly and awww - is there anything about Peeping Toms played for creep factor? Not as gropey as I Have You Now, My Pretty, as monogamous as Stalker with a Crush, or as self-confident as Leisure Suit Larry, but tending to get a bit leery, look in windows etc.