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10:15:27 PM Dec 27th 2013
I'm not sure I understand this:

"Note that the title refers to covertness in the figurative sense, not the literal."

As far as I'm aware there's no "figurative" definition of the word "covert". "Covert" means "not openly acknowledged or displayed", and I don't know of any way for something to "figuratively" be "not openly acknowledged or displayed".

Maybe it's just me, but I find this sentence serves to confuse the trope definition rather than clarify it.
11:41:35 PM Apr 26th 2011
I've been thinking for a while, doesn't there need to be an opposite to the Covert Pervert? I'm not sure if there is one on TV Tropes, but I would suggest "Overt Pervert," someone whose public persona is that of a shameless molester and they don't shy away from the title. Offhand, I can think of at least four examples of characters that fit this...
09:17:29 AM Aug 11th 2011
05:23:12 AM Mar 16th 2011
I'm removing the examples in the Troper Tales page that boil down to "I masturbate a lot and think of having sex with <insert Love Interest here>". Any objection, bring it here.
09:16:50 AM Aug 11th 2011
On a similar note, did the entire Troper Tales section have to be taken down?
11:34:13 AM Jul 24th 2010
I'm a bit confused here. Numerous comments in the examples section mention the perversion actually not being "covert", but the actual trope description doesn't actually state it needs to be, just seemingly "out of character" for an otherwise innocent/pure/childish image. Am I missing something, or are the people who comment on the covertness or lack thereof?
12:37:49 PM Jul 24th 2010
Your interpretation is correct. I added a note to hopefully clarify this, and axed all examples that failed to do an adequate job explaining why we would assume the character in question is not perverted. Which is...actually most of this page, including both page quotes and the page picture.

Well, hm, this would seem to imply that there's a niche we're missing on the wiki for this many inaccurate examples to show up in one place. Most of what I deleted would make more sense on a page titled, say, Perverse Sexual Gag, which would be about individual events whereas this is a more restricted character trope.
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