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Steve The Pocket: Quoting from the article...

Despite the name, many such are not particularly "comic" at all, which has lead to the use of the term "Graphic Novel" in describing works with True Art aspirations, though some consider such phrasing needlessly pretentious.

OK, according to a comic book geek I know, it's only a real graphic novel if it's, well, novel-length, an entire long story released as a single volume. Makes sense to me. The traditional sort are referred to in the industry as "trade paperbacks." ("Serials," I believe, is also acceptable if there's meant to be continuity between them.) So... might be worth looking into and tweaking the description accordingly.


not noted on the list are the vast number of independent or 'underground' publications available.

Although I don't read them that often, should they have their own section? (I read "Box Office Poison" and thought about creating a small page for it.)