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AnoSa Question: Can we include as a Real Life example the effects of some types of stiletto heels when the heel protector wears off or is removed? Just imagine what a shoe that can put dents in concrete while a normal woman is walking could do when applied with actual intent to cause bodily harm...
  • Nemo Considering that so many other tropes have at least one Real Life entry on their subject matters real world applications, I don't see why not.
  • Johnny E: Come to that, is there a specific trope for using stilettos as a weapon, or do examples of that go here?

Nemo Another Question: If a woman isn't actually going into combat, but still wearing impractical heels in a potentially dangerous situation, does this trope strictly speaking apply? For example, Lois Lane (and indeed, other female reporters in fiction generally seem's to have an odd habit of sneaking around criminal hideout's in four-inch heels and a miniskirt not that I'm complaining.

Novium: I think the description section needs an "often handwaved or justified by saying the shoes themselves are a weapon." Or something along those lines, because whenever something decides to lampshade it, they use that as the excuse to keep using the trope. Just look at the examples.

Madrugada: I changed the page image to a shot of Black Canary that shows the heels on her boots particularly well. The other image was simply high-heels boots and didn't really do anything to illustrate the trope. If someone can come up with a better caption, though...