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Indigo WALDOes is right, not waldoes. Hm. I seem to have been misinformed. Re-edited. *egg on face*

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    • Actually, the symbiote wasn't originally like this, but it was alive, and Peter got rid of it because it... got a little to attached to him. It then turned bitter because it's love abandoned it. When it joined with Brock, Brock's anger corrupted it. In all adaptions it's shown as being inherently evil though, and all it's children are, or all it's children are naturally aggressive. As for good ones
      due to the original story featuring the symbiote indicated it was taking Peter out webswinging while he was unconscious, and it was making him more aggressive. And when he went to Reed Richards, he found the symbiote would eventually consume him, which is why he came to the decision that the benefits were not worth the drawbacks and removed it. It became hateful from being abandoned by its chosen partner, and Brock's anger amplified its existing rage.