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After piles of people saying the same thing over and over again in the the forum thread, name change.


Took out this example:
  • Maya Fey from the Ace Attorney series. She's almost as important as the main character in the first three games, and disappears without a mention in the fourth.
My reasoning is that, well, this only sounds like a Brother Chuck situation when you fail to note the important fact that the fourth game features new main characters altogether and happens seven years after the first three. The main character from the first three games does appear, but only as an (albeit important) side character. Most of the cast from the first three games does not return, and there is no reason to think they ought to be involved in that game. It's really not just Maya disappearing.


Doctor Tofu did show up occasionally after Cologne arrived, but only in his role as Kasumi's love interest or to provide random medical help.

Actually, come to think of it, that may be only in the anime/OV As and not in the manga.
Is the title an intentional double meaning? —Document N


Took out Webcomic example: Lord Tedd, an Evil Overlord version of Tedd, was introduced to El Goonish Shive early on as Chekovs Gunman. But then Dan Shive decided to move away from the developing Cerebus Syndrome in the comic, and Lord Tedd and all connected to him vanished, never to be mentioned again. It's possible he may come back - the arcs following had no way to mention him - but with the massive swing in direction the series has taken since "Painted Black", the odds of this are dramatically low.

IIRC, Lord Tedd was last mentioned and Nioi's universe was last mentioned . Close to two years, but he wasn't updating rapidly during that time.

Freezer: Bobby Martin (and the Martin clan) is (was) from All My Children, not Days of Our Lives.
I deleted the Valerie Gray entry because she was not Brother Chucked. She continued to appear thought out the show's run.
arromdee: Cut:

  • Many characters in this troper's main RPG home, Stargate Aftermath. If a player disappears and the character wasn't particularly involved in anything, they quietly disappear from existence. Two members of her SG team, most recently. Headed back to base after one hit her head and will very likely never be heard from again.

I know there's no such thing as notability, but I'm also of the opinion that we should use common sense and insert personal anecdotes like this only if there's some reason to think they'd be amusing or interesting or interesting to other people, which I feel this utterly fails to qualify as. At best, it goes in Troper Tales.

Danel: Cut this:

  • The Sarah Connor Chronicles appears to be quietly dropping the high school story arcs from the first season. "Appears" is the key word, because the writers seem intent on keeping Riley around....

because the main point is inaccurate - Riley wasn't in the first series at all. The entire high school arcs from the first series - the progression of which was ripped apart by the writer's strike anyway - have essentially been dropped, to the extent that I was pretty sure John had moved to another school after their old house was bombed. Riley is a new character in Series 2, though in some ways she's reasonably similar to Cheri Westin from Season One (both being troubled and mysterious blonde girls who intrigue John). The Other Wiki disagrees with me, but is anyone sure whether or not they switched schools or just changed all their friends?

Also removed Colin Creevey from Harry Potter, since he's a minor character who remains a minor character... he doesn't really disappear or anything.

With the exception of Molly Ringwald's character, the girls that left the main cast of the Facts of Life continued to make appearances over the next few seasons. They made one last appearance towards the end of the show.
Wow, whoever it is is actually RIGHT. Raven's last reference, about 130 comics ago, happen about the same time as Steve's re-appearance. And her last appearance was at the end of '08. I guess the thing you gotta remember is that days don't go by very quickly in this comic.
Regarding Babylon 5. Commander Sinclair's fiance, Katherine, may have disappeared from the on-screen universe, but we discover in the book "To Dream in the City of Sorrows," that she follows Sinclair to Minbar to join the new human-and-Minbari Rangers.
I'm wondering exactly where the line should be drawn on what is a "Brother Chuck." I think the Judy Winslow entry is a good example of this. Judy clearly counts because she lives in the Winslow home and is the youngest daughter. This is someone we should be seeing regularly or should at least be referenced but they just forgot her existence. But I think the examples that clearly don't count are Eddie's friend Rodney and Laura's friend. They weren't focal characters, they appeared as tag-alongs for two of the main characters and their absences don't need to be explained. If they don't show up anymore, the audience can easily dismiss that.
  • Another example are the Russ's from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Their absence isn't really "mysterious." They were a family that happened to get caught up in the craziness and they apparently moved away between movies (or they weren't home that day, or whatever.) If anything, forcing the neighbors from the first movie into the plot of the second movie is a common symptom of Sequelitis. Wayne pretty much has to be in the sequel because it's his machine. His wife and kids have to be in the sequel because they are the titular "Honey" and "Kid(s)" respectively. Having the same neighbors get caught up in the craziness again could be Played for Laughs (and would fit the tone of the movie) but they aren't key to the plot and thus not necessary to include or explain the absence of.
    • In fact, IIRC, the Szlazinskys moved between the first and second movies, so the neighbors shouldn't be there anyway.

  • On a side note, this troper saw most of the run of Family Matters, and while Little Ritchie did show up a lot without his mother, I don't recall it ever being stated suddenly that Ritchie was Carl and Harriets kid. It seemed pretty clear that he was coming over after school to be watched as a favor from the Winslows to his self-employed single mother. (Remember, she owned a restaurant.) That same self employment could easily explain why we weren't seeing Rachel anymore (even if it was never addressed and the actual reason was a contract dispute with the actress.)

The Tambourine Man: Removed the Naruto entry, which said this happened to most of the cast. The series has a lot of characters, and there's no way to make them all relevant at once. But no one ever flat-out disappears.
Prfnoff: Removed, since they've reappeared:
  • The Koopalings from the Mario series exemplify the trope by disappearing, never to be seen again after Yoshi's Safari.
    • Notably, in Super Mario Sunshine, Bowser Jr's debut game, they have FLUDD show various scenes from previous Mario games as he scans for Mario's history, including a boss fight with Iggy Koopa in Super Mario World. This scene does two things... Put Bowser Jr firmly in the same world as Iggy Koopa and thusly the other Koopalings, and foreshadow the eventual appearance of Bowser Jr by showing that this has happened before.
    • To be fair, they did make a cameo in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.
    • They came back in full for the New Super Mario Brothers Wii. They're the level bosses alongside Bowser Jr.

Shoebox: Removed a number of examples on the grounds of their just not being examples of this trope, ie. characters whose disappearances were explained (however flimsily) or were mentioned/appeared again. The Trope Namer makes it pretty explicit what this trope is supposed to refer to.