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  • Older Than They Think (The video game 'Eternal Sonata'' was widely praised for having an exceptionally unique concept. The concept is this: A man famous for his talent in the arts catches a horrible disease and is transported to a beautiful fantasy world which he believes is a dream. There he meets a sweet and kind teenage girl, her mother, a teenage boy who loves the girl and a benevolent yet troubled politician, and they all band together to stop an evil force which is corrupting the land. To be fair, the man this time was a real person and nobody gets raped.)

Nezumi: Cut. I'm inclined to just label this more of the rash of Eternal Sonata-related Complaining About Shows You Don't Like. Even if it is valid, rather than just an example of that (I'll leave it up to others to decide), it belongs in the Eternal Sonata entry, not here.

  • And the third, sort of.

Chibi-Kibou: Replaced the spoiler tags after someone removed them. The adjustment reveals a chunk of the premise of a sequel, and is therefore a spoiler.

  • In fact to be perfectly honest the bit about the second trilogy is a spoiler, too, considering the whole idea of the land is supposed to be beautiful and perfect in the first series, and so violent a change in the second is almost certainly supposed to be jarring. So that's got spoiler tags now, too.

Klendt: It'd be real handy if whoever's following the unique logic of the individual dumping trope names would elaborate. Some of these could refer to literally every character, setting or event by some degree.