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Working Title: Careful With That Axe: From YKTTW

Adam850: removed natter.

  • Huh? Where?
  • In the second verse. 'Ok (ok, ok). Just a little pinprick. There'll be no more (ARGGHH!) but you may feel a little sick'
  • I really don't think Comfortably Numb counts. The scream is a lot quieter and melodic than something like Careful With That Axe has
  • But it still sticks out as an agonizing scream.

Alucard: My god, this trope needs a clean-up. There doesn't even appear to be a clear definition. A Laconic would help, but many of these examples need to be removed.

Mr Death: Does this seem a lot like Last Note Nightmare to anyone else?

Zombie_Hunter: IMHO Revolution No. 9 is more of a Mind Screw than a this or even Last Note Nightmare . It's like an aural epileptic fit and I say that as an Epilectic.