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((Tomatina)) Should a line about villains with 'Doom' in their names be added to the introductory section? Because I think that calling yourself 'Dr. Doom' or whatnot equals card-carrying evilness.

Ununnilium: The name is too long, and the lead is buried; I had to reread the entry a couple times to realize it's about evil characters who self-identify as evil Tabby: Openly Evil? Career Evil? Evil And Proud? Card-Carrying Villain? Evil Gratia Evil (a play on "ars gratia artis")? Im Evil? Im Evil Dammit?

Ununnilium: Card-Carrying Villain works. `.`v

Seth: Seconded
That Other 1 Dude: The Fire Nation? They want what every empire both real and fictional wants: land and resources

Sketch: Well at the very least Azula should count. Why else would she not mind her mother thinking she was a monster?

That Other 1 Dude: She doesn't seem like the person that really cares what other people think of her. Anyway, she's more like completely amoral instead of self-perceived as evil, which makes her more of a Psycho for Hire.

  • Shale: When did the Dragon Emperor (from the Mummy example) say he hated freedom? Granted, he obviously liked the idea of people being ruled by a totalitarian dictatorship, but he's a dictator. They go hand in hand.

Storm: This motion will probably get defeated, but what would people think if the name was changed to Shakespearian Villain or something of that sort? Just that Card-Carrying Villain can often carry a negative connotation, when sometimes it works within the context of the story (for example, Ganondorf claims he is the King Of Evil, when it's moreso that he's Drunk on the Dark Side).
Cleaning up this a little... This now reads... I've never seen Yin Yang Yo!, so I'm assuming the previous troper is right, I'm just cleaning up the 'how can we forget' and a little broken markup :)

Dr. Will Kirby from the second seaso of reality game show Big Brother could easily fit this. He called himself 'Dr. Evil', lied to everyone, gloated greefully during his confessionals that he lied to everyone, made aliances with everyone and systematically got rid of everyone by the end of the series. He even won that season, and got second place in Big Brother All Stars to his friend from the second season

Caswin: Was COBRA really evil of the card-carrying variety? I haven't seen much of G.I. Joe, but they don't seem like the type.