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Seth: On the act of Cheesing. My friends and I heard this in a gaming mag and started using it ourselves. Cheesing is where someone uses the same move repeatedly in a fighting game because it doesn't let your opponent get a hit in. There is no skill involved just repeating the same move over and over again and like button mashing seasoned players hate it. Trope worthy or call it a subset of Button Mashing?

Andrew Leprich: That really isn't Button Mashing, but more so the use of an extremely cheap move. Sounds like Game-Breaker.

Sockatume: What about games where deliberate button-mashing is necessary? Track and Field for example, or the QT Es in Resi 4?
  • Kinitawowi: I got linked here from an example of one of those (Mortal Kombat's minigame). In deference to their real stomping ground - 80's home micros - I think these tended to be called Joystick Wagglers. *insert obligatory reference to Daley Thompson's Decathlon*

Ununnilium: Justifying Edit:
(To be fair, he has the shortest reach of any character, and most of his button mash induced-combos are at least half filler, and leave him completely vulnerable if he misses, meaning he gets his ass handed to him by anyone who knows how to use a thrust atttack.)

Andrew: About SSBM, I agree completely, but unfortunately, there are still a ton of people who think the SSB series is a button masher. I'm going to remove the Justifying Edit and clean up that example.

Count Spatula: I've got to say, I've always been absolutely baffled by the people who call Super Smash Bros a button masher. If you try button mashing you can barely move properly. Street Fighter and games with it's engine, now that's a button masher. I've literally won a Marvel v Capcom tournament back when I was an elementary school student just by spamming Omega Red's tentacle throw.