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Lale: Misato definitely fits, but why not Asuka, too?

Mai from Yu-Gi-Oh?

Philweasel : I'd say just about the whole female cast of Eva would sort of fit. The character kinda suggests an air of maturity and cynical wisdom however, something that Asuka lacks.

Wouldn't the character of Mira from Vandread qualify as well? The elements are all there - the cold aloofness, the dedication to duty - and she has one whole episode dedicated to her Traumatic Past She's one that mutates into the Older Sister as the series progresses into it's second season (called "Second Stage" in the US)

Echidnite:I was going to move Vegeta from this over to Troubled, but Cute, but I find it too hilarious that he's in here to change.

Capella: So, why are male examples suddenly disallowed from the page? If one goes by the descriptions on the two pages, this isn't the exact same thing as Troubled, but Cute, so I don't see why males who better fit this description shouldn't be here.
  • Comonad: The description seems slightly misleading: "the female version" may be better as "the female counterpart", since as Capella says, this trope isn't quite the same as just Troubled, but Cute and female. Troubled, but Cute isn't even always male, so if the only difference were gender, this trope wouldn't really have any reason to exist. (Unless it were a subtrope containing all the female examples, but that would just be silly.)

Gwen Stacy Wannabe: How exactly does Mai fit this trope? Her past wasn't really "troubled" - heck, her past was a picnic compared to her peers!

mnordhoff: Noir used to be listed ("* EVERYBODY in Noir."), but it was removed on 2009-03-19, replaced with another comment about One Piece. Was that intentional? Should Noir be added back?