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In Ranma 1/2, Kasumi occasionally tries to pull off a sequence of these jokes playing both parts herself.

Looney Toons: Really? Wow. Either I completely missed this, or the English dub just mucks them up completely.

Osh: I don't doubt it. Watching a B&T routine depend a lot on wordplay and being aware of the setup of the joke. It doesn't help sometimes it's supposed to be corny or not funny, so it probably would have to lose something in the translation.

YYZ: I can't help but feel that this article is not quite complete without mentioning some of the more famous real-life manzai duos — the most influential pair being Downtown.

Some Guy: I moved this page back to main namespace. Not really sure why it was in Useful Notes, since this is clearly a trope in its own right. I also inadvertently restored the old discussion record. Yay, I guess.

Trogga: Weren't we going to move the examples to Straight Man and Wise Guy anyway?

Cultural information question: are those two surreally unfunny comedians from the "Friends" in 20th Century Boys supposed to be a Stylistic Suck version of this?