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Tanto: That picture is huge and doesn't make any sense out of context.

Large Blunt Object: 77kb is not "huge" filesize, 277px across is well below the guideline for image width, which is what restricts reading, and if you really, really think a tall image is so much of a problem, I'll shrink it. And regarding "make any sense", even if you don't know who Kharn is, it's a chap who is fairly obviously a war-obsessed maniac, on a trope about people obsessed with war. If you're going to pull it, you may as well pull the image for Cute Bruiser, or Nightmare Fuel, or hell, any other image on the wiki.

Tanto: It's half the width of the screen and trails below the fold. That qualifies as "huge" to me. The focus is supposed to be on the writing, not the pictures.

As for making any sense... a picture should be able to convey a trope's essence at a single glance. That doesn't. It's a guy. He's got armor, he's got weapons, sure... but that doesn't necessarily make him this. As someone with no experience with Warhammer 40,000, I'm having trouble seeing how one follows from the other — I have to take your word for it that this guy's actually an example of this trope, and a picture shouldn't require that. Cute Bruiser's picture is of a girl picking up a car — you can tell how that relates to the trope even if you don't know shit about Runaways.

Uknown Troper: Besides... Kharn is a Psycho for Hire, not a blood knight. He has no interest in the fight, just in the killing.

Tanto: Despite not being the Trope Namer, the Black Knight's quote is better suited for the trope than the Blood Knight's.

Someone changed it. I, uh, unchanged it. Affirming that yes, Black Knight's quote is way more suited for the trope, the fact that a card that happens to be named Blood Knight has a peripherally related quote notwithstanding.

Isn't this basically a Darker and Edgier version of Boisterous Bruiser?

Tanto: No, not really. There's a little overlap, but that's all.

GG Crono: In the interest of avoiding an Edit War, I'd like to get some opinions on the page image. I think that rather than the trope namer, it should have a picture of an iconic example of the trope (I'm thinking this guy). While it did a good job of providing a trope name, the card itself is not particularly iconic. Any thoughts?

Earnest: Kratos of God of War fame is probably one of the more easily recognizable figures, though I have a soft spot for MD Geist.

Dales Kaine: Agreeing with GG Crono.

Some New Guy: Yeah, I think a new image may be good. My vote is split between Kenpachi and Boomerang.

Oxxi: The page image might not be iconic, but it definitely captures the feel of the trope, which I think is sufficient. Also, honestly, I think we've got enough anime image examples out there already.