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Andyroid: Ann Coulter? Can you really call someone who throws around that much anti-liberal vitriol seemingly for the hell of it "not evil"?

Air Of Mystery: She's blonde and Republican, and if viewed side on with a squint and a bottle of tequila for aid, she could theoretically be called a sex kitten. But we'd have to call in physicists to get that kind of weird science.

Zeke: If the above exchange doesn't prove what a mind-bogglingly bad idea this article is, I don't know what will. Where is the YKTTW discussion, anyway? I can't find it.

Charred Knight: I think it takes more to be a Blonde Republican Sex Kitten than to be Republican and blonde. I also removed Ann Widdecombe because like Ann Coulter that's clearly meant as a joke.

Fast Eddie: "removed it because it was a joke?" Um ... did you take wrong turn at Wikipedia or something? Around here, we work really hard to get the jokes in.

Charred Knight: Then put back in Ann Coulter since the Ann Widdecombe reference went with that. Of course than we would have about half the examples meant as jokes.

Fast Eddie: I don't really have any idea who either of those people are. Just making the point that jokes are okay. Good point, that there is probably a limit to how many jokes are a good idea.

Charred Knight: The main problem is that when I first saw it out of 5 examples, two where clearly a joke. I am all for ocassionally including a joke entry but only if its funny (I don't think calling this woman attractive when drunk funny) and only if its a LONG list of examples.

Fast Eddie: After a bit of googling... Looks like Ann Coulter was probably a straight example, maybe even the example-from-life the other are based on. Andyroid's remark above was likely just a quip about evilness from his perspective. The Widdecombe thing is kinda funny, now that I see how drunk you would have to be.

Charred Knight: Ann Coulter was meant as a joke (the original version was something like Ann Coulter would be hot if you were drunk) because Ann Coulter is to put it bluntly a bitch. She's based her entire career off of basically insulting liberals. She's basically John Stewart without the wit.

Tanto: To answer an earlier question, the YKTTW has vanished off the face of the earth because no one fucking launched it.

*steams in a corner for a while*

Seriously, is it so unintuitive? I mean, situations like this are what it's there for.

Zeke: Okay, on second thought, I'll buy that this is a trope (if not a very common one). It's still obvious flamebait and needs to be handled carefully. I've reworked the intro a bit and removed the Widdecombe entry. It's a complete no-brainer to me that real people shouldn't be on a trope like this; the only possible purpose is to offend. (Are we going to stick real people on The Libby next?) Ann Coulter is a special case, partly because (as the entry notes) she's the likely inspiration for some of these characters, and partly because it would be physically impossible to keep her out anyway. No one who knows of her could read this trope without being reminded.

Also, Jon Stewart is Jon Stewart without the wit.

Silent Hunter: Sorry. I wasn't meaning to offend. I was just commenting that some people found Ann Widdecombe attractive.

Zeke: My point was that listing a real person here at all is offensive, joke entry or not. (But since you bring it up, what you said was that very, very drunk people might find her attractive. What's the non-offensive reading of that?)

Silent Hunter: Personal opinion came in there. Again, I apologise. I did not put her back in.

Mister Six: Restored the edits without reading this page. Whoops! Still, I find it very depressing that everyone's so uptight about this. "Oh no, a woman who demands that all Muslims be killed or converted to Christianity was called ugly! How will she cope?" Just chill out. It was funny. And this isn't wikipedia. Edit: and who's going to be offended, anyway? Coulter and Widdicombe? They have bigger things on their plate, and I doubt they visit this site.

Charred Knight: I think disrespecting any opinion that's not exactly like yours has become a part of being republican. 30 percent said that if Mike Huckabee (a conservative) won the nominee they wouldn't vote for him. A fellow conservative!

Fast Eddie: Pulled out this personal rant...
This troper knew way too damn many of these in high school; granted, he lived in Virginia. His hatred for them was not because they were Republicans, more like because they were raging bitches who loved to push their beliefs on others and had no respect for other people's opinions...

... in case the OP would like to transfer it their blog.

Gattsuru: Charred Knight, I'm not sure where you get the 30% number from, but I doubt it's due to disrespecting opinions that aren't exactly like theirs. His political stances are pretty similar to the average Strawman Political religious conservative statist, with a bit of extra idiot put in place. I'm pretty heavily (American midwestern definition) conservative myself, but no matter how much I like his position on firearms and Iraq, I can't in good conscience vote for a man that advocated complete isolation for HIV+ positive individuals when common medical knowledge was that the virus didn't go airborne. It'd be a bit like Lieberman/Zell Miller ticket coming from Democrats — the alternative might well be better.
Silent Hunter: BTW, there are Muslim Russians- about 5% of the population in fact. They do, after all, have Chechnya...
Silent Hunter: The Sarah Michelle Gellar and Emma Caulfield examples- voting for Bush does not make you a Republican. If either of them had made speeches in his favour in 2004, that would be included. I think we ought to limit this to political activists.
Fast Eddie: pulled out the entire Real Life section as natter-bait Real Life
  • Very likely the model on which these characters were drawn: Ann Coulter (though her attractiveness mostly depends on your political stance.)
    • Michelle Malkin is another real-world example.
  • Or for that matter, the direct inspiration for Harriet Hayes, Kristin Chenoweth... Easy on the eyes, but the voice is an acquired taste. The fact that her most well-known character is also one of the most slashed females in modern musical theatre is neither here nor there.
  • The Bush twins (Barbara and Jenna) are an arguable case.
    • Do you mean "arguable" or "debatable"?
  • This troper was quite surprised to hear that Sarah Michelle Gellar and Emma Caulfield (Buffy and Anya, respectively, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) voted for Bush in 2004.

Zeke: I think that's wise. Real Life sections work a lot better in nonpolitical tropes.

Janitor: Pulled this as off point.
  • Ever hear of Log Cabin Republicans? This troper doesn't know if they are all-encompasing LBTG republicans or as narrow as male homosexuals, but they do exist, much to the annoyance of certain republicans. This troper simply views it as a case of, 'We believe everything ELSE the party stands for.'

Silent Hunter: So, who put it back? Pulled the rest.
<random troper>: Bo Derek needs a mention, as she is probably the origin of the trope. And unlike all the earlier Truth in Television examples, she actually fits the trope.
Silent Hunter: Was Cherry Jones, who plays President Allison Taylor in a certain FOX show attractive in her youth?

Across The Stars: I did a little research, and as it turns out... yes. Yes, she very much was. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be in my bunk.
Shrikesnest: What saddens me is that this is an observable media trope, based heavily on Bo Derek and Ann Coulter. I just wish some of you could keep your incredible hatred of people you'll never meet out of a page description...

Johnny E: Short of the hair colour, Sarah Palin is so much an example that she was a cliche when people first heard of her. But apparently, people can't stand seeing references to someone they dislike being attractive.
Janitor: Wasn't the Legally Blonde character a Democrat?

Jack-of-Some-Trades: It doesn't really come up, but given that she strongly opposes animal testing and doesn't seem to have any issues with homosexuality, she's at least a Blonde Socially Liberal Sex Kitten.