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Silent Hunter: What about red lingerie?

Bob: Red underwear = Evil. Truth in Television. Okay, maybe not, but I think it's funny enough to add to the article.

Jisu: As owner of three pairs of red lingerie that I can think of, I have no objection.

Romanticide: Red underwear danger? Funny many women (and sometimes men) wear underwear in New Years eve for good luck in love. Or is just a holiday exception?

-Z-: tweaked the Strike Witches example; pantyhose and tights aren't the same thing. sanya wears the black tights, and what things that have come along depicting her in her "pants" alone show hers are white also. as the gratuitous and tacky beginning of the ep "nice and breezy", with it's pointless crotch-shot on poor sanya, her "pants" do not show through her tights. and yes I admit to being a pervert for being willing to nitpick about this. also the genderbent thing is rule 63, not 75, and I fixed that hiccup too. ;)

Perlejade: I don't understand. What's the problem with wearing a white bra under black clothing? I can understand the opposite (you can see the bra through a light shirt), but a white bra?

Violet Strange: Allow the diligent people at GoFugYourself to demonstrate. Basically, the problem is that fabric which appears perfectly opaque when it's not under any tension (i.e. the part of the shirt around the waist and neckline) can become remarkably transparent when stretched across the bustline. Wearing a bra that's white (or even beige) under such a shirt acts like a giant highlighter and looks ridiculous. And tacky.

Sukeban: That, and you can get some nasty surprises if you're under black/ UV light: your bra and panties may actually shine through your clothes (...Or So I Heard). But mostly, it's just a lot more noticeable to see a white bra strap or panty peeking over the edge of dark clothes, and, conversely, a black bra under a somewhat-transparent white shirt looks totally horrid.

Also, in TV Land only grannies wear flesh-toned lingerie, even when it's often the color least noticeable when wearing a white shirt or a skirt made with thin or sheer materials.

I Win The Internets?: The picture on this page is truly revolting. It physically disgusts me and I will replace it shortly.