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03:12:16 PM Jul 30th 2014
Since this page has been cut, should it be Red Linked? After all, as long as anyone can edit the page, I can see people trying to put it back up.
03:21:42 PM Jul 30th 2014
I think you are proposing to get it added to the Permanent Red Link Club. You can go and ask here for it.
11:44:45 PM May 30th 2014
Is deleting the trope for being "too explicit" really necessary? If that's the case, let's get rid of all the other fanservice tropes as well, thereby dropping a very large amount of character appearance/clothing tropes too.
02:02:56 PM May 31st 2014
I agree. Heck, using that line of thought everything on the Unmentionables page should be purged because it's "too explicit."

How hard is it for the site admins to add a preface warning that the trope is NSFW?
10:28:57 PM May 31st 2014
I'm not even sure how to appeal for it to be remade, because seriously. Really unnecessary delete.
06:48:33 AM Jun 1st 2014
Was there a vote to delete this trope?

Perhaps you should petition on the forums or something. :/
08:05:56 AM Jun 1st 2014
Well, the wiki has gotten increasingly... conservative of late. I think it has to do with sponsors.

But really, I'm not crying about the cut because by and large, the examples were pretty much "yep, this character just happened to be wearing black underwear." I do think that this has more meaning in the east, but as-is the examples were pretty chairs-y.
08:28:41 AM Jun 1st 2014
I'm just hoping that it's not setting a precedent.

You know, one can just repost it and say that there shouldn't be an example linked to it.

09:02:30 AM Jun 1st 2014
Well... given The Art of Bra Removal was also cut (and I can't find a reason there) I'd assume there's some policy in place, or I'm missing something.
12:00:21 PM Jun 1st 2014
baseplate, there wasn't a vote. A mod just deleted the whole trope with the reason of "too explicit"
12:31:25 PM Jun 1st 2014
It was the big boss and paymaster of the site himself, to be exact.
01:06:11 PM Jun 1st 2014
There really should be a checks & balance system on this site. Like for a Trope to be deleted must be left to a vote or something
01:24:30 PM Jun 1st 2014
It's his site. I don't like it in this particular case, but it's his property.

I guess it has... something to do with Google? I don't know the details. Could someone elaborate?
08:31:33 PM Jun 1st 2014
Perhaps... it's time to find another way to sponsor the website?

Perhaps donations? Though I'm not sure if anyone is up for that idea.
10:12:44 PM Jun 1st 2014
Yes, Google complained, apparently about images.

The donations idea was discussed during past incidents as well. The conclusion is that it won't work.
12:58:54 AM Jun 2nd 2014
Is there any other payment method, or are we stuck with Google?
01:43:21 AM Jun 2nd 2014
edited by
This was too explicit? By that standard, every trope about sex should be deleted. If the problem was with the images, why not just cut the images?
04:30:29 AM Jun 2nd 2014
See also this thread.
02:01:56 PM Jun 2nd 2014
edited by
Ahh, Google. The murderer of good websites with their policies.

Won't be long now before everything that has to do with sex (Video Games, Visual Novels, Movies) is cut.
03:55:12 PM Jun 2nd 2014
^ Okay, let's not get carried away here. Acting like that certainly will not help matters.
08:05:17 PM Jun 23rd 2013
Why is there not a section for Western Animation? I know a few characters (i.e, Gwen from Total Drama Island) have been proven this at least partly.
11:27:53 PM Jun 23rd 2013
I 'spect that there are examples but it's just that nobody other than you has thought about it. Go ahead and add them (with proper context and so on).
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