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Shadow Warden: I have no idea why, but the title of this page makes me giggle uncontrollably.

Danel: I can't help but wonder if we should keep this for specifically the situations where a powerful boss-like enemy guards a higher level area - which is what the name sounds like - rather than just games where you can go anywhere, but the random battles will probably destroy you.
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  • The Lair of Onyxia could also count. It is in a 40-45 level area, with a quest that takes you right to the entrance. Woe to you if you take your level 45 character into this Level 60 Raid instance-in other words, an area not only designed for level 60s, but groups of characters level 60 and above.

since there's an actual gate that bars characters from entering Onyxia's Lair if they aren't in a raid group, which random level-45 characters are unlikely to be.

Avatar Zero: I removed the Zero Punctuation quote. It fits better in the Border Patrol trope than this trope, since you don't ever get strong enough to beat the radiation. I'll leave a copy here in case you disagree.

And we discover what this expansive-looking city really is: a great big linear corridor with death instead of walls.
Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw on Bionic Commando, Zero Punctuation

Chad M: Removed for not being an example:

  • In Final Fantasy VIII, a bar and a homeless drunk sitting in front of the fire exit obstructs your path to the television station. Instead of your hardened, magically-enhanced PMC mercs bisecting the guy or jumping over the building or something, you are instead forced to play a minigame involving fine wines.

That's pretty much the opposite of this trope. Tropes like Broken Bridge and Insurmountable Waist-Height Fence are for when you "should" be able to go somewhere and can't. This trope is for when you technically "can" go somewhere but the game throws nearly impossible battles at you to discourage it.