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Working Title: Evil is Bald: From YKTTW

Wanders Nowhere: Talk about Truth in Television: my old boss was thin, bald, goateed, and looked like a Bond villain...he was also the most slimy, backstabbing, lecherous, violent-tempered, soulless shell of a human being I've ever met. I would've preferred to work for a Bond villain, sharks or no sharks...

Scrounge: Is it just me, or does the title of this one shred grammar for no good reason? I propose that it'd look better as simply "Bald Evil". Unless you added the "of" to make it less punny, in which case, "Evil Baldness" would probably still work better. I'm backing "Bald Evil" because it's more concise, though.

nobody: Rule of Cool, man. Bald of Evil sounds much better than anything you've suggested so far.

Wanders Nowhere: Rule of Cool and the fact that if we change the trope, it'll no longer be a partner to 'Beard of Evil'. Incidentally, took out
Villains in Chick Tracts are often bald or balding. Bible-believing Christians mostly have full heads of hair (see such tracts as The Gunslinger, Big Daddy or The Great One for glaring examples)
Because it was in there twice and the second instance was an overall better explanation.