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03:51:40 AM Aug 27th 2014
"Lex Luthor in Smallville after he turns bad, obviously."

Isn't Lex bald right from the start in Smallville? And from what I remember, he took a long time to get properly evil.
03:54:22 AM Aug 27th 2014
Pretty much, apparently he became this way due to meteor shower induced injuries.
09:52:05 AM Mar 18th 2011
Sadly, in my favourite videogame, Oucast, Fae rhan, who proves to be the crewman and scientist Anthony Xue is bald, (shiny, not thinning) and very frustrated crazy and full of hatred, fitting perfectly this trope, while Cutter Slade, on the other hand is full of buzzcut hair. I hope designers didn't think this on purpose, it is such an old trope. Also Slade is 10 years older than Xue, 37 being 47 in a 1999 game but staged in 2007.
01:01:21 PM Jun 29th 2010

I removed this until someone is willing to write an actual explanation. The rules about no X-Just-X is pretty clear.
03:50:16 AM Aug 27th 2014
You're kidding me... that has to be the single worst trope entry I've ever seen.