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Okay, i dont like the new name. A better name would be Human Singularity.

Serious question here: If you're going to redefine the trope, why not at least bother to move examples, something like 2/3rds of the examples no longer qualify for this trope, and belong in much smaller articles.

The new definition and name seem kind of forced. I'm for splitting Instrumentality off from this trope.

Jaabi: This new title sounds more related to You Will Be Assimilated

Koweja: I agree that the current title sounds too much like the Borg and might be confusing. However, Instrumentality is a worse title because it is absolutely meaningless to anyone who hasn't seen Evangelion. NGE doesn't even have the pop culture osmosis that things like The Simpsons or Star Wars have such that references in title might be understood by non-viewers. How about something like "End Of Individuality"?

Are you High? NGE is just behind Gundam in kickstarting an entire genre, and you are saying it's not famous enough? And don't give me any of the "Not famous in the US" reason. There's a reason why LCL is refered to as Orange tang, which only sold in the US. Seriously, Are you High, or drunk?

Crapface One of the reasons why I don't like the current name is because the word "Plot" is in it. It doesn't have to be the whole plot or even a plot it can just be an idea, which is why I thought Instrumentality worked for it.

Designated NPC: I favor Instrumentality as well. It was catchy, it had a 'ring' to it that sounded ominous even if you didn't know the source, and the current title (as is pointed out above) indicates a higher amount of precedence than necessary— As if Assimilation is the whole point of the work, which isn't always the case. And, yes, most people are going to think The Borg, which aren't even essentially motivated by the idea described in Instrumentality/Assimilation Plot— It's brought up only in passing when it is mentioned as a motivation.

So Yeah... Change it back, please.

Viper Sean: @Crapface - I'm pretty sure the "plot" used here was not in the sense as the story as a whole, but in the sense of being synonimous with "scheme" or "plan." That aside, horrid title is horrid - either change it back to Instrumentality, or go with the previously suggested Human Singularity.