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11:02:48 AM Oct 10th 2015
What's the difference between "natural" examples and the regular (unnatural?) examples? There's nothing about that in the trope description.
12:29:17 AM Apr 19th 2014
What exactly is the difference between an Assimilation Plot and World of Silence?
07:23:06 AM Apr 19th 2014
The latter is about free will and the former about disagreements, basically.
03:23:47 PM May 5th 2012
Really? One of the main examples is a spoiler? Could someone who knows a better non-spoiler example fix that?
03:18:44 AM Dec 16th 2010
edited by JohnnyAdroit
I think the naming controversy stems from this trope not being about one thing, rather it treats many related tropes under the same title. I see four tropes, all of which describe a story in which humanity moves (or is being threatened with moving) from a situation of Many Minds, Many Bodies to:

  1. One Mind, Many Bodies: i.e., the Hive Mind like Star Trek's Borg
  2. Many Identical Minds, Many Bodies: i.e., The Evils of Free Will and the Cybermen of Dr Who
  3. One Mind, One Body: i.e., the Human Instrumentality Project of Neon Genesis Evangelion
  4. Many Minds, One Body: i.e., Split Personality but with cooperative rather than competing personalities. I can't think of an example for this one, but it involves individuals retaining some form of individuality while constituting a singular entity (like the form of Nirvana mentioned on the main page and like how a growing number of brain scientists view the human mind working)

As currently described, Assimilation Plot does not distinguish between these. I believe, especially given the original name of this article and the existence of pages for the first two, that this page was supposed to describe the third variation (One Mind, One Body). Perhaps this page could be kept as a Super Trope encompassing the four variations listed above while Instrumentality is changed from a redirect to a page describing variation 3. I'd like to hear comments before I change anything.
09:00:07 PM Jan 6th 2011
edited by exia
I really would have to agree, as this entire Page is quickly starting to become...well, Flanderized at this point.

Thing's that would of never fit here before, are now put here with the rest that used to carry a completely different meaning.

Somehow separating the different kinds of Assimilation "would" really help stop the ongoing decay this Page is going ever since we rejected Instrumentality.
12:44:15 PM Mar 23rd 2010
The name sucks because it is nether clever nor referencing anything, basically its lazy with no thought put into it.
11:58:16 PM Jul 29th 2010
Honestly, I think Instrumentality was a better name. I mean, you really don't get it if you haven't seen Neon Genesis Evangelion, but I figured it out within two hours of finding this site just by looking at how the term was used. On the other hand, assimilation plot sounds so... Bland. XP
05:21:54 AM Sep 26th 2010
Agreed. "Instrumentality" is a name that actually illustrates the concept and it's very memorable!
06:40:30 AM Sep 29th 2010
I think everyone wants the name back to Instrumentality. I dind't even know the trope namer but it wasn't important. Assimilation Plot sounds like You Will Be Assimilated or The Virus, or something like that. Instrumentality was a far better name.
09:06:57 AM Oct 15th 2010
new name sucks
10:52:19 AM Oct 21st 2010
Seconded. No one bitches when the Doctor Who crazies name every trope after something the five-hundred-and-seventy-third Doctor did, and even when I am not familiar with nor particularly a fan of a series that provides a trope's name, I can appreciate the novelty of the circumstances surrounding the Trope Namers.

Let's not start acting like the Wikitards and policing all of the fun out of T Vtropes.
05:05:43 AM Dec 16th 2010
edited by JohnnyAdroit
In case anyone is watching this topic, I have an idea for this page written out below. I clicked "new topic" instead of "reply" by mistake.
01:16:08 PM Apr 18th 2018
Or "Unity". Btw, is Starlight Glimmer from MLP series an example of Assimilation Plot? She had plan to expand to whole kingdom.
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