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Dark Angel Cryo: I removed the Sarah Palin example due to the fact that it was based solely on rumors to fox news given by an admitted hoaxer. Add to that the fact that posting a popular politician such as Palin to this page is practically begging a flamewar and i think it's best to remove it. Source on the hoax:

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How about Jaws-3D? The one where a great white shark takes Interstate 4 about 90 miles from Tampa to the Orlando Sea World?

zandercan: I removed this little snippet.

  • Then again, Meyer is a terrible writer, so we could easily just jot this one down to her incompetence.

While I agree wholeheartedly that Meyers isn't a good writer by any stretch of the imagination, this trope has less to do with the fact that she's an incompetent writer and more to do with the simple fact that she didn't do adequate research on a geographic location.