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John 17 Martin: Is Gorilla Grood really Flash's most important enemy? I would think that the Reverse Flash or Adba Kadabra would fit better.
  • In the latter season's it's harder to distingiush... Azula might be either Zuko's or Aang's nemesis... ot both... or neither. Or everyone's... whatever.
    I hate to say it, but... that's not an example.

Uknown Troper: Edited the Code Geass entry. If we define an arch enemy as the enemy where emnity is because of a mutual It's Personal, that's Suzaku -- the emperor doesn't much care to personally thwart Lelouch or he'd come down on the Black Knights like a ton of bricks one and a half season ago, and Schneizel doesn't even know who Zero is (or, if he does, he doesn't seem to show it). The one opponent to Zero and Lelouch who's shown up every step of the way of the story to try and thwart him and the one who brings the drama in his adversarial relationship to Leluch -- that's Suzaku. Arch-Enemy.