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11/23/09 - Question: Should the examples list should be removed? Please feel free to participate below, at the forum thread, or at the poll.

I notice that many of the examples for this trope reference the ending themes of a series. since Ending Theme is it's own trope, shouldn't such examples go under that trope?

bluepenguin: I'm not sure why this trope needs examples at all. I mean, it's basically omnipresent within the medium. The only anime I've seen that never had an opening theme was the Hitsuji No Uta OVA, and even that had an ending theme.

In the article, a Troper claims that the Get Backer theme song is six minutes, but I can't seem to find that version. I have: 1:02 for the 1st beginning and 1:30 for the 2nd

  • Nanani: It isn't 6 minutes and never was. The first OP was released as a single (just like every song ever) and in that non TV version, it is fairly long, but the series itself always used the TV edit version, making the example on this page just plain wrong.

Midonin: Had to cut the SZS example due to incorrect information. Kenji Ootsuki sings the theme song with the Zetsubou Girls, not Nozomu's VA. Check your facts before putting them on the Wiki, please.
*The Theme tunes for Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei are sung by Nozomu and the "Despair Girls" (or rather, their seiyū). Both of the songs feature Nozomu despairing over his own existence.
**"Damn Twisted Person" is about Nozomu despairing over how he will never be as good as the people he sees on TV, and needs to "straighten up".
**"Fantasy Rumba" is about a man upset about how people take him for granted, and place a low worth on him. (Ironic, because Nozomu actually does assign social worth to his students in one early episode) In true Nozomu fashion, this is brought on by girls refusing to dance the Rumba with him.
**Only two theme tunes in the series do not involve Nozomu's seiyuu, "Lyricure Go Go!" (A Parody of Magical Girl anime) and "Gōin ni Mai, Yeah!".\\

Don Quigleone: While Nozomu's VA was not involved, the music was explicitly written for the show, so I think it can be noted under the second section, the first op in particular pertains to his character, talking about being a twisted person and all.

Cliché: I have this suspicion we ought to minimize the anti-localization tone of the description, as it encourages "Hey, I liked that song!" Natter. 04/20/2009

I too am confused by how this page should have this many examples!!! Every show has some kind of theme song- why cover examples if we're not going to cover EVERY anime in existence?!?!? I saw two of my entries for Anime Theme Songs deleted for apparently no reason!!!

SpiriTsunami: Yeah, I'm baffled, too. While I can certainly appreciate the awesomeness of most anime themes, the idea that this genre should have its own page for theme songs is only slightly less screwed up than the fact that "Opening Theme" redirects to said page. Anime is not the only genre that has opening themes! In fact, if there's any type of theme that deserves to be linked to anime in particular, it's the closing theme. American shows don't have a second theme song at the end anymore—they have, at best, an instrumental version of the opening theme, which will more often than not be muted while the credits are pushed into a box at the side or bottom of the screen so the network can run advertisements for the show that's coming up next, or for next week's episode of the show you just finished watching, or if you're on a children's network, whichever show the network wants to pimp the bloody hell out of. Anime, on the other hand, has wonderful themes at the end, often just as good as if not better than the opening theme. THIS WIKI IS FUCKING BACKWARDS!!!

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Seconded that Opening Theme shouldn't redirect to this page. Opening Theme is nearly an Omnipresent Trope in television and videogames, and very common in film.

Arima Reiji: I agree with the two above who think that an examples list is pointless, since almost every anime has a theme song or twenty, but I don't want to assume that there's unanimous agreement. There are other good questions to be resolved, but taking one thing at a time: Should we remove the examples list? I'm personally of the opinion that we should also trim the examples in the body to only those that clearly illustrate points, but that can be resolved separately. 11/23/09

Twilightdusk: I think that most of the examples should be cut, with a handful of typical, well-known themes sticking around to show examples of the style generally used.

Softspoken: Could we also remove the redirect for "Opening Theme"? It seems like this trope is all about anime, including very specific descriptions of what goes into anime theme songs. Opening theme would be a small universal example-less article, of which this is probably a sub-trope.

Linhasxoc: I agree that Opening Theme shouldn't redirect, and should probably be its own universal trope. I do think, however, that anime theme songs are distint enough among the population that they deserve a sub-trope (i.e. this page). And, also, since it is such an omnipresent trope, I think the examples list should just go completely. If we want to show off a particularly notable example to make a point, we can do so in the page body.