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Gemmifer: I dislike how people need to find something to be offended at just for a story having a darkskinned character. Why can't they just see it as what it probably is: A part of the character design, just like hair and eye colour? Why must, must, must there be something political about it?

The Evil Dr Bolty: I think it's more to do with someone wanting to "claim" a character in some cases (consider the sheer amount of writing done on "proving" that some characters are gay), sometimes the live action adaptation makes people think about it, and sometimes it's just an interesting choice that deserves noting.

Gemmifer: That would be more likeable reasons to make a big deal about it.

Off Side 7: I saw Nostalgia Chick's bit on Pochahontas, and it wasn't very insightful. First of all, I completely disagree with her assessment of Pocahontas' looks. She looks Native American. And secondly, of course Pocahontas is hot and poses dramatically. Is that really an issue to complain about in a Disney movie? Just because you describe what you see in a sarcastic tone does not mean you're actually saying anything. She also rags on cute animal companions as though the movie wasn't aimed at children and then completely misunderstands what the movie is trying to say about judging people for being different. When a bad guy who is clearly ugly and stupid and unlikable says it, the movie's message is that it's WRONG. But Nostalgia Chick rags on the movie for having a character say "they're different so they must be evil" or something like that, as though the movie was actually espousing that view.

Viv: Who the hell is randomly linking to news articles? This is the third one I've deleted today.